DXpedition to Kiritimati (Christmas Island)

28 September to 26 October 2011


QSL Routes


Logbook of the World

We promised an upload to LoTW within six months of the end of our DXpedition and, in practice, it will be very much earlier. We wanted to upload as clean a log as possible and have made some 500+ editorial changes to the log as a result of feedback from the log uploads to Club Log and notes received from many of the Deserving. But we are very conscious that many of you want to do a DXCC update before year-end. Therefore, LoTW permitting, we plan to start the upload on 15 December 2011, just over six frenetic weeks after our return from T32C. Uploading 213k QSOs is a huge task and we don’t necessarily expect it to go smoothly first time (D68C, 3B9C and 3B7C all experienced problems), so the upload may take several days to complete.

We have a team of 10 QSL managers ready to start processing the T32C cards and we estimate that we will eventually confirm around 150,000 QSOs. The design of the card is complete and printing will start shortly.

StarQSL, our internet-based QSLing system, has been enhanced recently by its author John G3WGV. Major developments include a new batch import facility to work directly with Club Log’s OQRS, incorporating an address label printing facility. We will be printing direct to QSL cards this time. Various improved ergonomics have also been introduced to help speed up the QSLing programme. 

Busted Calls?

Please review your QSOs in Club Log  www.clublog.org/expeditions/t32C and if any QSOs are missing or have incorrect band/mode details contact Charles M0OXO giving details of the missing QSOs with the mail subject line of 'Busted QSO' followed by your callsign, eg 'Busted QSO - G1ABC'.  We will investigate for possible errors using the criteria listed at the end of this page.

Paper QSLs must be requested using one of the following methods:

     Online QSL Request Service (OQRS)
    By Donation
    Direct QSL Request
     Bureau QSL Request
    SWL Request

Online QSL Request Service (OQRS)

QSL requests can be made using the OQRS within Club Log at www.clublog.org/expeditions/t32C  Enter your call sign and click 'Find QSOs'  then click 'Request QSL' and complete the form. There is a charge of $2 for each 5 QSOs to cover printing and postage. Please verify that all QSO data is correct in Club Log prior to requesting QSLs via OQRS and advise us of any suspected errors using the process described above.

OQRS may be used for bureau cards, donations are welcome.


By Donation

If you made a donation to the DXpedition your QSL cards will be mailed to you at the address you entered when you completed the PayPal donation form. However, please verify that all of your QSOs are correctly recorded in Club Log www.clublog.org/expeditions/t32C and advise us of any errors using the process described above.

Direct QSLCard Request

Direct cards should be sent to:

   Charles Wilmott  M0OXO
   60 Church Hill,
   Royston, Barnsley,
   South Yorkshire, S71 4NG
   England, United Kingdom


  • Ensure that your QSOs are in the T32C log using the process described above. Report any suspected errors to us prior to sending your cards.
  • Ensure that the QSO information on your card is clear and correct.
  • Enclose a good quality self-addressed envelope of sufficient size and strength for the number of return cards expected. No labels only please! Up to five QSOs can be confirmed on a single card.
  • Send 2 x US$ for all Europe, the US, Japan and for the rest of the world. This will cover the cost of sending one or two cards confirming up to 10 QSOs. Additional cards pro rata.
  • ****** PLEASE NO IRCS ******
  • UK stamps are also welcome. Unfortunately, we cannot use stamps or currency from other countries!
  • Additional dollars are very welcome and will be used to help meet the substantial costs of the DXpedition.


Bureau QSL Card Request

QSL requests received via Club Log or the bureau will receive a return card via the bureau. Please consider using Club Log instead of sending a card, to conserve precious resources and reduce the load on the national bureaux. If you do send a card, please ensure that the QSO information on your card is clear and correct and mark your cards T32C via M0OXO. We advise you to verify your QSOs are in the T32C log using Club Log prior to sending your cards.

SWL QSL Card Request
The DXpedition will QSL all correct SWL reports. SWLs should log three consecutive contacts on any band or mode. SWL QSL cards can be sent direct to the following address or via the bureau 
and mark your cards T32C via M0MCV

    Bob Treacher, M0MCV
    93 Elibank Road
    SE9 1QJ
    United Kingdom


QSO Data Error Policy

When the QSO information on the QSL differs with that in the log then the following rules will be applied. Ultimately the decision in uncertain cases lies with the QSL Manager.


 Error in QSO Data  QSL policy
Time in error by up to 10 minutes or, perhaps by an exact number of hours indicating logging occurred in something other than UTC

Callsign in our log is close (e.g. a dit "out" in CW or similar sounding letters in SSB, etc.


Band is wrong but all other details are OK, suggesting logging typo (unlikely to be at T32C as frequency logging is automatic)


Mode is wrong. This could be T32C’s fault! Check for consistency elsewhere and consider giving benefit of the doubt

QSL if reasonable doubt exists

All other cases

Do not QSL without further information


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