DXpedition to Kiritimati (Christmas Island)

28 September to 26 October 2011


2nd Nevada Day

Between DXpeditions the FSDXA equipment is kindly stored by Mike G3SED at Nevada Radio.  Prior to a new DXpedition the equipment has to be found, reconditioned, tested and made ready for shipping.  In July 2010, several of the T32 DXpeditioners spent 2 days on these tasks.
5 photo(s) Updated on: 27 Sep 2010
  • Coax awaiting testing
  • The loss of every piece of coax was tested using two VNA stations. Mike (G3WPH) and Mark (G4AXX)
  • Tony (G0OPB) measuring coax loss from 1 to 50 MHz
  • High speed winding of Coax after testing - Justin (G4TSH) & Mike (G3WPH)
  • Nevada days are hard work. L to R - Don (G3XTT), Neville (G3NUG), Chris (G3SVL), Justin (G4TSH), Don (G3BJ) & Mike (G3WPH). Photo by Mark (G4AXX)

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