DXpedition to Kiritimati (Christmas Island)

28 September to 26 October 2011


4th Nevada Day

19th and 20th January 2011.  The last day for checking, wrapping and inventorising (did I just invent that word?) prior to loading into the container in February.  Had everything arrived? well no, but we are close.
11 photo(s) Updated on: 26 Jan 2011
  • 16 FT5000s & Quadra amps.
  • Radios & amps shrink wrapped for shipping. The next time they see daylight will be in September on T32!
  • Neville (G3NUG) delivers one of the 40m 4 squares, which turned out to be 30cm too long for the container. Onsite engineering with a saw soon fixed that!
  • Chris (G3SVL) keeps meticulous records of the location of each item - he was able to locate the tie wraps that had been inadvertently packed.
  • Chris (G3SVL)
  • Dave (G3WGN) and Neville (G3NUG) looking pleased about something.
  • Our latest acquisition, a manual fork lift for moving the pallets around on T32 - modelled by Chris.
  • Load testing of the fork lift, as usual Neville doing all of the work - G3SVL, G3NUG & G4TSH
  • Another pallet of 36 smaller boxes ready for wrapping. Tony (G4LDL) & Mike (G3WPH)
  • We have obviously just made a major cost saving because our Treasurer Gordon (G3USR) is looking very happy.
  • Dave (G3WGN) and Tony (G4LDL) displaying synchronised wrapping

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