DXpedition to Kiritimati (Christmas Island)

28 September to 26 October 2011


T32C Container Tracking

Latest News:

17 January 2012 - The wanderer returns!

The vessel with the T32C container on board docked at Southampton (UK) at 1830 GMT on Monday 16th January after its fruitless voyage to the other side of the world and back.

September 2011 - Container in T30 - DXPedition in T32!  

Although the container reached Suva (Fiji) in April 2011, it has been impossible to transfer it the final few thousand kilometers to Kiritimati in time for the DXpedition start at the end of September. The first vessel that was scheduled to leave Suva on 24th August had technical difficulties.  An alternative route was found via Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands (T30). The container reached Tarawa on schedule but unfortunately the vessel to be used for the final leg to Kititimati was damaged in a grounding and is currently being towed to Suva for repair.  The DXpedition will still go ahead as detailed in Press Release 4.


The T32C equipment will be transported to Kiritimati in a standard 8ft by 8ft by 20ft sea container fitted with a RedWeb Technologies GPS/Cellular tracking system. The tracker is configured to report latitude and longitude once per day when within range of a cellular phone network. The transport schedule is:

  • 24 February - Nevada Radio to Southampton docks
  • 27 February - Vienna Express container ship              - Arrived Singapore 25 March
  • 31 March     - Pacific Freedom container ship             - Arrived Suva 20 April
  • 16 August    - Komaiwi II departs Suva                       - ETA Kiribati 24 August
The known waypoints are plotted on the map below, which will be updated with the container's stactual track as the tracker reports its location when in port or when close to land.

Use the controls on the left of the map to zoom or recentre the map. Place the cursor over a teardrop to show additional information about the location. Use the control at the top right to switch between Map and Satellite view.



 Vienna Express - Southampton to Singapore

 Pacific Freedom - Singapore to Suva

    Komaiwai II - Suva to Kiribati


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