DXpedition to Kiritimati (Christmas Island)

28 September to 26 October 2011


Container Day

On February 24th 2011 all of the DXpedition equipment was loaded into a container and delivered to Southampton docks from where it will travel by sea to Christmas Island.  You can follow the progress of the container on the Container Tracking page.
11 photo(s) Updated on: 24 Feb 2011
  • The loading team, L to R; Neville G3NUG, Mike G3WPH, Chris G3SVL, Ian G3YBY; John G3WGV; Tony G0OPB - The seventh member G3SVK is behind the camera.
  • All good DXpeditions have a man with a clipboard - Neville records the container contents.
  • Loading the most important antenna - the 160m Titanex just fits diagonally across the top of the container.
  • Will it all fit in the container?
  • It won't be this easy at the other end without a fork lift truck.
  • The first of seven pallets to be loaded.
  • Fred G3SVK filming for the DVD
  • John, G3WGV adding the last two items - being observed by Tony G0OPB.
  • Well, it did fit but not a great deal of spare room
  • The tracking device which reports the container's location at 1700z each day
  • Loading the container onto the truck for transporting to Southampton Docks. Hopefully the next time we see the container will be on Christmas Island in September 2011.

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