DXpedition to Kiritimati (Christmas Island)

28 September to 26 October 2011


DX-peditioning Behind the Scenes

by Neville Cheadle, G3NUG & Steve Telenius-Lowe, G4JVG

Paperback, 214 pages

We learned so much from the Spratly Island (9M0C) DXpedition that we wanted to share these experiences with the worldwide DX community.

This book is wide ranging and covers all aspects of DXpeditioning. However, it is not written only for the DXpeditioner, there is also a great deal to interest all DXers.

There is much in this book about operating standards. Hopefully it also gives some idea of what is involved in providing several band-country slots on several modes from a rare location.

Team members have contributed chapters to the book in their particular areas of expertise. These range from marketing and sponsorship to life support and QSLing; from licensing to finance; from logistics and organisation to equipment and RF matters; from technology to propagation forecasting and monitoring.

There were several unique facets of the 9M0C operation and these are described in some detail. Generally they are concerned with developments in technology. These included an on-line server linking all the main stations by radio and a facility to monitor daily the actual propagation against the forecasts.

"Well crafted.... offers a comprehensive view of virtually all aspects of a major expedition..... It is, by far, the most complete 'how-to' reference available"
Wayne Mills, N7NG

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