DXpedition to Kiritimati (Christmas Island)

28 September to 26 October 2011


40m 4-Square

September 2010 - several of the DXpedition members visited G3NUG's QTH to build and test one of the 40m 4-Square antennas that will be shipped to T32.

5 photo(s) Updated on: 27 Sep 2010
  • The finished 40m 4-Square - Neville has received reports from JA that he sounds just like the BBC!
  • Justin (G4TSH) very proud of his newly fitted connector.
  • 4 shiny new 40m 1/4 wave vertical elements
  • The ghostly figure of Neville (G3NUG) oversees Don (G3XTT), Justin (G4TSH), Tony (G0OPB) and Chris (G3SVL) delivering the 40m 4-Square.
  • Don (G3XTT) checking out the 40m 4-Square delay lines.

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