DXpedition to Kiritimati (Christmas Island)

28 September to 26 October 2011



Don Field

Call: G3XTT

Nationality: British

3B7 Responsibilities:
Antenna farm design
Public relations
Planning team member

DXpedition Experience:
HB9XIS, HB0XIS, 4U1ITU (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, ITU, 1972)
LX/G3XTT (Luxembourg, 1977)
GJ6UW (Jersey, 1982)
ZS9Z & V51Z (Walvis Bay & Namibia, 1994)
TF/G3XTT (Iceland, 1997)
9M0C, 9M6/G3XTT (Spratly Is. & East Malaysia, 1998)
D68C (Comoros, 2001)
3B9C (Rodrigues, 2004)
3B7C (St Brandon, 2007

Various IOTA operations (GJ3XTT/P EU-099, GB0SK EU-059, G3XTT/P EU-109, GB0FLA EU-118)

Contest Operations:
G0KPW, G3XTT/VP9, GJ (various), GU (various), GW8GT, HC8N, M6T, 4U1ITU, 9G5AA, XT2DX, ZS6/G3XTT, 5U5Z, 3X5A

Significant Operations:
GB50 (Windsor Castle, 2002)
M2000A (Greenwich, 2000)

Other Calls:

Club Memberships:

Home Page:

About Don:
Don was first licensed in 1968 after a brief spell as a BC and MW DXer and then as an amateur SWL. His main interests have always been in the competitive side of amateur radio, especially DXing on the LF bands and contesting, although his station is capable of operation from 160 to 70cm. Don has all current DXCC entities worked and confirmed.

Don is a past editor of the RSGB’s DX News Sheet and has been a columnist for various amateur radio magazines since 1983. He currently writes the HF column for the RSGB’s magazine RadCom. Don has also served on many amateur radio committees, is a past Chairman of the RSGB Contest Committee and served on the RSGB Board. He is Manager of the IOTA contest. Don was a referee at WRTC 2006 in Brazil and a judge at WRTC 2010 in Moscow.

Don worked in the telecommunications industry for almost 30 years, before taking early retirement. He now focuses on his amateur radio interests, which he combines with other travel and social activities. He is married to Janet, and they have children, Helena  and Edward.


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